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Vocal Sequence and other structural issues

This extra post is to provide a forum for discussion of Dale’s suggestion that we open our sessions with Vocal Sequence work, and find further structure for sharing and creating work. You can (and should) download the Vocal Sequence document on the Assignments page. Discuss: questions you have about the Vocal Sequence and its implementation […]

OK, people…

I would like to propose a way forward; not in product, but in process. Not that there’s anything wrong with talking about product(ions). That should continue, I think, and must. But speaking just for myself, there’s always a sharp disjunction between what I think about potential productions and what i do when I’m engaged in […]

The Art of Being Off-Task

“As a performer, are you not perpetually caught between your aim and intention to connect with an audience and that question of the audience’s willingness to accept you and your presence? An audience’s want is rooted in some aspect of your being over which, no matter your skill and conscious charm, you have no control. Or to put it in very universal human terms: “Why is it that I cannot make that which I love love me in return?” We want the Other to see us as lovable, but we cannot control, ultimately, what the Other sees. And we are hard pressed to accept any measure of truth in what the Other sees unless we have somehow managed to create and control it. The knowledge that lies in the Other: we don’t want to know anything about it…”


Go check out and steal some ideas. Also here. And here.

What do you want of me?: Improvisation Suggestions

Let me try to lay out the structures for improvisation and then, afterwards, offer some variations and comments. For two performers: A and B are the participants. B’s constant objective is to question A with some form of: What do you want of me? A has the opportunity to make any demands of B he […]

Please Attach to Previous Post

Dear Reader, I know these posts take as much of a toll on you as they do on me. I need to be cleaning house, but composing the previous post got me to thinking and now I have to post a note if for no other reason than to scratch a sign that new thoughts […]

Dubious Undertakings

Here I am letting the site know what I’m up to. Thinking about a couple of pages. One will be a page on using and creating text (a script) in creative group collaboration. The other will be yet another quest for formulas to use in improvisation processes. I am a bit obsessed with this, I’m […]

Performance Group Potlatch

Here’s a place for comments and discussion. Sharing is caring.

Contact Improvisation Workshop

Attention adventurous performers, Saturday May 6, from 2 to 4, Newnan School of Dance will offer a workshop introducing Contact Improvisation to interested dancers and actors and citizens (and as of this writing, it’s free). Annette Tomassi will teach it. What is contact improvisation? It was invented in the late sixties by Steve Paxton […]

Telling the Truth: Mouth to Mouth

A memory from Marc. You can download this as a Word document or a PDF file. mouth to mouth a monologue Remember. Eyes closed. Eyes closed? Now then.