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Workshop (5/8/07)

[cross-posted from Dale’s blog] We met to debrief the backers audition, congratulate ourselves, and prepare for the next phase. We discussed whether to call the production A Visit to William Blake’s Inn or, as I had printed out in various fonts on the wall, William Blake’s Inn. I pointed out that we were talking three […]

Backers audition, May 3, 2007

[cross-posted from Dale’s blog] First of all, the backers audition was a success. I thought the chorus sounded as good in parts as they’ve ever done, and I think they’d agree with me that we just fell apart on some spots, especially the first number. I have come to hate computerized accompaniment. Solos were all […]

Still to be done…

Here’s what we still need to do in the next seven days, with the items in green being the ones I think I can get done before Friday: WALLS reinforce breaks in edges with slices of “corner cardboard”; attach with box rivets finish painting “woodwork” glue chair rails to walls paint fireplace panel with architectural […]

Set crew

[cross-posted from Dale’s blog] We met for set crew at Dale and Ginny’s house at 10:00 this morning, and by the time we finished, we got at least most of the items on our list started, although none of them were finished. We were hampered by not having a large enough crew, but those of […]

Workshop (4/18/07)

[cross-posted from Dale’s blog] In attendance: Dale, Marc, Mary Frances, Molley, Laura, Melissa, and Carol Lee. We also had MMH Galen, Toast Head Maggie and Hedgehogs Taylor, Kennedy, Chiara, Preston, and Travis. First up were the Hedgehogs. Heavens to betsy, are these cute critters! This last one is of us all double-checking what hedgehog ears […]

Workshop (4/11/07)

[cross-posted from Dale’s blog] At noon I went to meet with the Newnan Cultural Arts Commission to offer the proposal for William Blake’s Inn. Everyone was supportive and excited. They decided to sponsor the May 3 performance and to begin looking at finding funding for the entire project, so that’s exciting. (You can download a […]

Workshop (4/10/07)

[cross-posted from Dale’s blog] Back to work at the workshop! Dale, Marc, Laura, Carol Lee, and Melissa in attendance. Dale and Carol Lee shared their autographed copies of A Visit to William Blake’s Inn, plus other fun stuff from New York. Dale talked about the meeting of the Cultural Arts Commission tomorrow and some of […]


Go check out and steal some ideas. Also here. And here.

Workshop (3/27/06)

[cross-posted from Dale’s blog] Forging ahead, Marc, Dale, Carol Lee, and Laura in attendance. Carol Lee has finished two sunflowers: They are quite magnificent. We began to see a lot of possibilities now for choreography. Dale suggested that we keep in mind the Silly Symphony cartoons, with their simple and repetitive patterns. They’re a lot […]

Workshop (3/20/07)

[cross-posted from Dale’s blog] Another productive evening: Marc, Dale, Carol Lee, Laura, and Melissa in attendance. Carol Lee brought in the latest approximation of the sunflower (no picture yet). More leaves, longer stem. Very nice. Much discussion of how to dye the elastic. Later, Carol Lee had several brain attacks on how to solve the […]