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Report: Performances in the park

After one last runthrough on Saturday morning, we hammered our way through it at 3:00 pm before a crowd of about 30. Although the final scene was dicey, we finally made it through the whole show without stopping. Again on Sunday, much more relaxed this time, we performed before a crowd of 30-40. As usual […]

Report: 10/18/08

Missed reports for last week’s extra rehearsals Present: Dale, Marc, Jeff B, John, Greg, Dan Our goal was to run the show. We did not succeed, although we made it to the end of IV.5 (the Aufidius scene) before we stopped. We think the remainder of the show should take us no more than 30 […]

Report, 10/11/08

Present: Dale, Marc, Greg, Dan, John, Jeff B We worked through Act III twice, and it’s shaping up to be the exciting political thriller we’ve been telling people it is. It all boils down to having one’s lines memorized, doesn’t it? Michael Dean, our Martius Jr, came to watch. He played young Patrick in Auntie […]

Report, 10/8/08

Present: Dale, Marc, Jeff B, Jeff A, Greg, Dan, John, Scott, Kevin Back in the park. We worked for over an hour on the Battle Ballet, aka I.4, and by heavens we got it! We will now need to run this at least once a rehearsal in order to keep it in our heads. We […]

Report, 10/4/08

Present: Dale, Marc, Greg, John, Scott, Jeff B We met in the park and worked on Act II. It’s so short that we ran it twice. No real problems to solve: the play’s action is wound up and set loose in this act, so the whole thing moves along quickly. NEXT: On Wednesday, we will […]

Report, 10/1/08

Present: Dale, Marc, John, Jeff A., Jeff B., Kevin, Greg, Dan, Scott We began running Act I in Dale’s back yard. We made it through scene 1 one and a half times before decamping to NCTC’s lobby, courtesy of Jeff A. Dale never thought that the sun set at 7:30 when he offered his back […]

Report, 9/26/08

Present: Marc, Dale, John David, Jeff A., Dan, Greg, Jeff B. Welcome, John David Bilon as Cominius! We met in the Greenville Street Park to work through Act V. Surrounded by two separate weddings and the Obama campaign, we were unmolested. Still unsure about V.1 and V.2, we staged them anyway. Kevin, we have cut […]

Report, 9/24/08

Present: Dale, Marc, Greg, Dan, Kevin, Jeff A., Jeff B., Scott First, welcome aboard to Jeff Allen, who’s been busy directing The Odd Couple at NCTC, and to Scott Stroud, who found out what we were up to and joyfully signed on. Second, tonight was our last night at the dance studio. We’ll be working […]

Report, 9/20/08

Present: Dale, Marc, Jeff B, Dan, Kevin, Greg We worked through Act III. Scene 1 is huge, starting with more “wish Aufidius was here” talk from Coriolanus, and kicking in swiftly with the Tribunes’ blocking of his path to the consulship. The violence escalates as Coriolanus just won’t shut up, until we have a riot. […]

Report: 9/17/08

Present: Dale, Marc, Greg, Dan, Jeff B. We worked through Act II, which is the kickoff of the actual plot. In II.1, the return of Coriolanus, we got some more mileage out of the Tribunes and Menenius. (Kevin, we’re thoroughly exploring your character while you’re away. You can just mindmeld with Dale.) We have to […]