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The Art of Being Off-Task

“As a performer, are you not perpetually caught between your aim and intention to connect with an audience and that question of the audience’s willingness to accept you and your presence? An audience’s want is rooted in some aspect of your being over which, no matter your skill and conscious charm, you have no control. Or to put it in very universal human terms: “Why is it that I cannot make that which I love love me in return?” We want the Other to see us as lovable, but we cannot control, ultimately, what the Other sees. And we are hard pressed to accept any measure of truth in what the Other sees unless we have somehow managed to create and control it. The knowledge that lies in the Other: we don’t want to know anything about it…”

Joseph Campbell Discussion

With Jeff”s extended comment under the post below (#40) about how he got involved with Joseph Campbell and the comments following it, we should be able to generate some kind of converstaion about Campbell. I admire his work, but do have some questions. I am sure Jeff has heard these in some form or orther. […]

The Georgs?

I actually watched most of the Oscars last night. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was to watch those montages of films I HAVE seen. Maybe it is because I’d like to pretend to be an undiscovered actor. Maybe it was because I was too lazy to get up off the couch during that stretch […]

Fear, audacity, creativity

Ok, so posting what someone else said is anything but creative. However, I heard this quote on a podcast this afternoon and had to track it down. It seems the perfect thing for this audience.”Write every day, line by line, page by page, hour by hour. Keep Story at hand. Use what you learn from […]


So, what is your favorite obsolete skill?

Sometimes a Great Title

My Fellow Lichtenbergians, I have been struck by possibly the greatest title ever for a literary magnum opus fictional or autobiographical since War & Peace. I wish I were joking. Because if I were joking, I wouldn’t feel the weight of responsibility the title places squarely on my shoulders as a wretched Lichtenbergian who has […]

More Lichtenbergian Distractions: the outline game

The struggling, infighting, name calling, and outright legerdemain which is taking place right now on the official Lichtenbergian web site has me tired and somewhat frightened. As a break from a nasty fracas, I thought I’d offer here, in among peaceful–very quiet–lacunagroup hills, another distraction away from all the bickering. I was going to introduce […]

Lichtenbergian Activity: sharing bookmark lists

Not the embarrassing ones, mind you. Just the ones that bear witness to the diverse peaks and valleys of your wanderings and avoidings. You could even annotate them, time permitting. I will attempt to paste what I’ve copied in a Comment. I’m proposing this activity here because the official Lichtenbergian web site is besieged by […]

A little time to kill in Barnes & Noble, so I sit down with Swann’s Way…

This is the new translation by Lydia Davis. Says on the back cover she got a MacArthur Genius Grant. I had a French professor in college who told me French people don’t read Proust. It’s in what’s called a literary tense, he said. Probably the equivalent of my trying to converse casually but couching everything […]

Art: wince and wither

I’ve been assigned some occupational therapy by select concerned Mandarins of the Lichtenbergian Society. It’s also something of a test, I think, to see if I can play along and get along. And be funny. It has to be funny. Even witty. Something on Art, with the capital A. My first impulse is to send […]