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Category Archives: production

Work sessions, 6/23 & 6/30

6/23: Scott, Dale present We worked on some of Edgar’s bits, especially II.3, where Edgar is on the lam. We played with the metaphor of Edgar shedding his clothes as he quickly sheds his identity and assumes that of Poor Tom. It works, of course, but there are limits to what we can pull off […]

Work session, 6/16/10

present: Dale, Scott, Jeff A. It’s been a while since this blog has been updated with any work we’ve done, even though we’ve been working a little during the winter and spring. Tonight, however, we dug back in in earnest. One night in May, we met in Dale’s backyard, where he revealed his scathingly brilliant […]

King Lear, II.1

the Earl of Gloucester’s castle Edmund Curan Edgar Gloucester Cornwall Regan attendants Discuss.

Lear, 3/24/10

present: Dale, Jeff B., Scott, Jeff A. Spencer We started by looking at III.7, the “eye” scene. How does one tackle such a scene? As Jeff said, nothing any of us have done in theatre has been this depraved. And then, not to get too Monty Python about it, how the hell do you pull […]

King Lear, I.5

a court before [Albany’s palace] Lear Kent Fool Discuss.

King Lear, I.4

a hall in [Albany’s palace] Kent, in disguise Lear Oswald Fool Goneril Albany asst. attendants/lords/knights Discuss.

King Lear, I.3

a room in the Duke of Albany’s palace Goneril Oswald

King Lear, I.2

Gloucester’s castle Edmund Gloucester Edgar Discuss.

King Lear, I.1

throne room in Lear’s palace Kent Gloucester Edmund Lear Cornwall Albany Goneril Regan Cordelia France Burgundy You know the drill: read and discuss.