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The Georgs?

I actually watched most of the Oscars last night. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was to watch those montages of films I HAVE seen. Maybe it is because I’d like to pretend to be an undiscovered actor. Maybe it was because I was too lazy to get up off the couch during that stretch of time and do something a bit more productive.

One of our fellow members has posted in his own domain about the possible lack of relevance in the Oscars this year. This, combined with a tad of residual guilt for spending a certain December evening dissecting the work of others and proclaiming it “not art” led me to yet another sporting discussion for is in the LS.

My challenge:In a more positive, supportive take on things, let’s acknowledge those things which have moved, changed, or otherwise positively effected us in the last year. Post your nominees, and the categories to which they should belong. Don’t feel constrained to those in use by the Academy, or even to the media of film for that matter.

Furthermore, I propose that in a Copernican approach to things, nominations should be based on what WE have encountered in the last year, not what has been produced or published in that time period. Maybe you just got around to reading Genesis this year, or perhaps the Rosetta stone. If so, and that’s what moved you, give it a category and nominate it.

Once one of us has nominated in a category, others are encouraged to add additional nominations in that category. Perhaps once things settle out, we can expose ourselves to the items listed, so as to cast an informed deciding vote. We could, alternatively, think about doing so and never get around to it. Either would be fine. Let the games begin. Nominate your favorites from 2006 for a Georg. Or perhaps they should be Lecti’s. Actually, make that “Lickys”. Yes, “Licky” will do quite nicely. Perhaps someone can design a statue for us to send to the winners…


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