Report, 10/8/08

Present: Dale, Marc, Jeff B, Jeff A, Greg, Dan, John, Scott, Kevin

Back in the park. We worked for over an hour on the Battle Ballet, aka I.4, and by heavens we got it! We will now need to run this at least once a rehearsal in order to keep it in our heads.

We decamped to the Newnan School of Dance’s new digs downtown and worked Act II, since Jeff B had to go home and we needed him for Act III and Kevin and Dan had missed last Saturday’s work on II.

GENERAL ASSESSMENT: We are at the point where we all have to be off book within the next week. This show goes up in two weeks. It is also time for us to discuss a heavier rehearsal schedule during the week. Be thinking how you can make that work.

NEXT: Saturday, in the park, Act III.

6 thoughts on “Report, 10/8/08

  1. At the very least, I think we need to plan to run the entire show a week from Saturday, 10/18. That would mean more than our three-hour commitment, I’m afraid. Or maybe not. (Yeah, right.)

  2. If we can go ahead and lock in the presence of a stage manager/prompter for that date, it would be great.

  3. We’ll see how intimidating we are when we’re soiling our pantaloons because we can’t remember the freaking lines.

  4. “My dear girl, when I say ‘line,’ I mean ‘line.’ I don’t mean point or plane or circle or rhombus or squiggle or curve or a splash of soda! Shall we try this again? Oh, and I get to bite off one of your big toes.”

  5. In fairness, I disclosed this fact early on, but the fact seems all the more daunting now: I will not be in the state on the 18th (or 16th, 17th, or 19th, for that matter).

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