Report: 10/18/08

Missed reports for last week’s extra rehearsals

Present: Dale, Marc, Jeff B, John, Greg, Dan

Our goal was to run the show. We did not succeed, although we made it to the end of IV.5 (the Aufidius scene) before we stopped. We think the remainder of the show should take us no more than 30 more minutes. That means that the show is probably going to run about three hours, which is OK.

It was agreed that we really need to run the show every day next week, despite not everyone being able to be at every rehearsal.

Schedule for next week:

  • Monday: 6:00, in the park
  • Tuesday: 6:00, at Dale’s house (There’s a big thing in the park that evening.)
  • Wednesday: 6:00, in the park
  • Thursday: 6:00, in the park
  • Friday: 6:00, in the park
  • Saturday: 9:00 am, in the park
  • PERFORMANCE: SATURDAY, 3:00. Plan to be there at 2:00 to set up. The publicity promises a chat with curious audience members at 2:30, but you don’t have to be a part of that. Dale and Marc will be the front men for that; if you want to play, dive in.

We will run the show every night.

NO BOOKS ON STAGE starting Monday night. Call for line if you need it. Be planning where you need to end up and where poles, chairs, et al., need to be.

5 thoughts on “Report: 10/18/08

  1. I was working on a poster, and I had to track down the photo of the sculpture I used for the “album cover” of Jeff’s mp3s, and I found another angle of it. I think we should rethink our costuming.

  2. Dale,

    I am very sorry to have to do this at the last minute, but unfortunately, I am not going to be able to continue with the performance as planned. The time restraints are more than I expected. I, as you know, have two kids that are 6-yr and 2-yr. old and it is too much time away from the family. The practices are straining my family time and this includes the fact that if I came to rehearsal on Saturday of this week, I would miss Lundyn’s birthday party and I cannot miss something so important.Especially with Hilarie and I working full-time, we both share the responsibilities with house and kids. Please tell the others that I do apologize and did not intend on letting anyone down. I always hold to my committments, but it’s just too inconvienent for me and my family right now. Again, my sincerest apologies and I really enjoyed working with all of you. Good luck on Saturday.

    Best Regards,
    Scott Stroud

  3. Hey, waitaminit. Did the Lacuna Group … just DO something? I mean, as opposed to just talking about the possibility of one day doing something?

  4. Just write an account of our glowing triumph. We can reflect and do a process post-mortem at our leisure. We can create a post-mortem post and have a chat about it.

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