13 thoughts on “King Lear, I.2

  1. True…edmund is your typical villan..crafty and smart…and always loses at the end…where as edgar is edmunds opposite..trusting and honorable..and has to resort to sexual submissiveness w/ toach of madness to fulfill his all out goal..which is to be his fathers favorite and reduce his brother to nothingness..I hope I have toached on everything.

  2. I do not understand your reference to AP nor your disdain for online discussion of the project. It helps get ideas going before we face each other in the studio, or at least it does for me. YMMV, naturally.

  3. Edmund’s sly treachery is the first flash of wit in the play, other than Goneril’s wry observations. I think he’s like Richard III in this regard–he’s very funny in his honesty, and it’s hard not to like him. I wonder if it would be doable to make the first part of the play as light and comedic as we can. Lear is certainly an idiot and fairly risible. I think we could keep the audience amused until we put Gloucester’s eyes out.

  4. I think the comedic start would be a grand Idea..there are some great lines from all the characters that I think could be hilarious if used right..and if I know who all is going to do this..I don’t think there will be a problem. 🙂 are we meeting this wed?

  5. Dale,

    I think you mean:

    “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.”

    Yes, I know, but it needed to be said aloud.

  6. Although I think our intent would be clearer if we could get a drummer to do a little “badoom chick” thing every time we hit one of the “laugh lines”.

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