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4. Keeping up with all of this

You may be thinking that it’s going to be a huge time sink, remembering to check this blog and never knowing where to find all the new comments.

Here’s one way to fix that. See the lists to the right? See the list of XML Feeds? Both an Atom feed and an RSS feed will send you the most recent additions to the blog and allow you to read them either in your RSS reader/aggregator or here on the website.

Your browser may already have an RSS aggregator built in. There are many free aggregators online. Dale recommends the Firefox web browser with the Sage RSS extension added on. Believe it or not, it’s not that complicated, just too complicated to explain here. Maybe someone should do a blog post about it.

**4/22/06: If you’re using Firefox (and if you’re on a Windows machine, abandon Internet Explorer now), here’s the Sage webpage. It explains it all. If you don’t have Firefox, go get it.