More Material…

From the back cover:  “This is a collection of reflections, poems, manifestos, sketches, tutorials, and work notes from a frustrating and impossible decade of theatre. After training and working with an approach to performance inspired by Herbert Blau’s experimental group KRAKEN and implemented by former KRAKEN member Jackson Phippin (including an intensive focus on the Vocal Sequence), Marc Honea then jumped those tracks and spent time studying psychoanalysis within the clinic of Jacques Lacan (under the supervision of both Kareen Malone and Bruce Fink, fortunately).  He subsequently spent ten years willfully confusing theatre and symptom in a creative quest that was also something of a ‘working through.’ Ultimately, through these texts, Honea acknowledges that what he tried to envision and realize can’t exist on the stage or the page, but he invites us to enjoy something that may ex-sist nonetheless as so many instances of what Lacan in his final theoretical excursions referred to as the sinthome.”

A year or so ago I was approached by a local publisher who had recently been reading through some of the theatre and performance writings I have produced over the years and squirreled away in this very archive.  The publisher told me he enjoyed what he was reading and might be interested in putting out a collection of the material.  My response to this was to begin reflecting on the meaning of the collection in thematic and psychological terms.  This led me to produce more material and ultimately to conceive an organization of everything which may have not been to the publisher’s liking, but ultimately Jeff Bishop and Boll Weevil Press trusted me, let me indulge in a bit of an experiment, and here we have it:



The book represents a selection of material, most of it pulled from this website.  If you read the book and are interested in reading more–the complete journals, other exercises, etc.–this is the place to be.