Newnan “Performance Collective” announces next project

Lacunagroup has decided upon its next project. The group will undertake an exact documentary re-creation of a performance of Act III, Scene 1 from Shakespeare’s Coriolanus the group gave on the evening of November 1, 2008 at the Newnan Community Theatre Company.

“That performance had certain qualities that I find fascinating,” opined group member Dale Lyles, “and the tension in the space was palpable. Not even Shakespeare could script such moments. I think the performers uncovered something very special that night.”

“If for no other reason, I think the contributions this work could make to our understanding of the neuro-physiology of memory will make it worth seeing, ” adds group member Jeff Bishop. “Oliver Sacks has offered to deliver a short spoken introduction.”

The group plans to develop the piece through a process of assembling and reviewing both spoken reminiscences and assorted journalistic accounts. “Some of the original participants are still alive,” offers member Kevin McInturff, “and have been very generous with their time and their personal recollections. Considering the emotions we’ve asked them to re-live, they’ve all been quite fearless. We have a rich abundance of material to work with.”

The group sees this as carrying forward its interest in “photorealist” theatrical representation. Member Marc Honea hopes the result will be “an intense, chamber-scale offering in meticulous detail–a final, impossible rendering of the ephemeral.” Due to some moments of violence, the performance will be for adults only.

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