Here’s a template for creating accounts of meetings which did not take place:


We began on time with everyone in attendance, though_____________came thirty minutes late, missing warm-ups, and______________left early in order to_______________. One stranger was in attendance; _______never identified _________-self.

_____________led us through a warm-up of ____________, some back flips, ________________ with and without the bamboo poles, __________, a few arias, ____________, and a circle massage. A short session of hypertropic breathing caused________________ to hallucinate, briefly, a ______________, entertaining everyone.

____________brought in a new version of______________. This one was shorter by about __________minutes and did not include the____________ or filling ____________’s mouth with rose petals. ________________chose a piece of the new text:

(insert piece of text here)

and while exploring it with ____________ managed to conjure up a______________, accented by a spray of_________________, ending in a convulsive_____________. Upon reflection___________noticed that the__________________was perfect for the________________which came after the________________. Then_______________, _________________, and_________________ began repeating a______________ that had appeared during warm-ups. It led to _______________ becoming a _______________ who was convinced that_______________. ______________was reminded of a recent installation described in yesterday’s edition of the Times. ______________pointed out that we didn’t have to tie up the______________the way the New York thing did. Everyone agreed.

Then the unidentified stranger offered the observation that________________. This surprised everyone and prompted_____________to attempt to do the entire part about________________backwards and with______________poised below________________. Everyone was quite intrigued.

As we concluded,______________suggested we spend more time next week on_________________. _________________promised to bring in more_________________. _________________made a short comment about___________________and confessed that it was a source of great anxiety when all was said and done. ________________reminded_________that nothing was set in stone at this point. In good spirits, we all left and went to_______________for drinks and snacks.

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