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Heuristic Guidance in the Clinic of Lacan

The Hysteric wants the hole package. The Obsessive is moored in the hole, summing parts. The Pervert swears he saw the hole thing. For the Psychotic, it’s no holes barred.     Not exactly Lacuna Group material, but I had to park this somewhere.  Thanks!

Another “Farewell to the Theatre…”

It seemed appropriate to use a defunct theatre website for this.  I am in the process of carrying through on some emotional house-cleaning, and as a part of that, I want to include a farewell to theatre-making.  Not a grand, sweeping goodbye, I assure you, just a nod of farewell to a very particular set […]

Mad King

voice matters

Why my waxing and waning: same old manifesto

Two supply priests exhibited the elements that interest me. One possessed a deeply resonant voice which he employed in a wonderfully archaic homiletic style. He was in his seventies so maybe not so archaic for him. You could imagine a Nineteenth-Century American declamatory style of oration (and acting) at it’s best. But most effective was […]

Meeting (Work Session) 9/2/09

present: Dale, Jeff, Marc, Summer We began to explore the text of Old Man Wind with the idea of making some musical textures for dancers and action. Here’s a sample: wind piece

Music for Three Little Pigs

Here’s the complete score. Theme borrowed from Frank Churchill, of course. And one portion is from Ben Charest’s music for The Triplets of Belleville. The choreographer already had it in her head, and there was no convincing her to let me give it a shot with my materials. Great track; what can you do…Show Biz, […]

The Wooster Group

This is from UbuWeb:

Work Session, 4/8

Here’s a template for creating imaginary accounts of meetings which did not take place: We began on time with everyone in attendance, though_____________came thirty minutes late, missing warm-ups, and______________left early in order to_______________. One stranger was in attendance; _______never identified _________-self. _____________led us through a warm-up of ____________, some back flips, ________________ with and without […]

Pig Pieces

JB asked about some things I’m putting together for Newnan School of Dance’s Spring Recital: soundscapes for a version of the Three Little Pigs. So I’ve rerecorded some as mp3s. Hope the playback works. Make sure your connection speed is at least 1mb/sec. And I’ve still had some stuttering playback problems, so I’ve had to […]

Work Session, 12/10/08

present: Dale, Marc, Jeff B., Barbara, Jeff A. We read through the first 15 pages or so of Charles Mee’s Iphigenia 2.0 [.doc] to get a feel for the language and the structure. We also looked at a bit later in the piece that used transcribed narratives from soldiers and Wilfrid Owen’s “Dulce et decorum […]