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Monthly Archives: November 2006

William Blake’s Inn: the beginning

On Wednesday, January 10, anyone who is interested should come to the Newnan School of Dance at 7:00 pm. We will listen/look at the complete Visit to William Blake’s Inn. Interested in what? hearing the complete music discussing the possibilities for performance hearing more about how we’ll work on this setting up a schedule to […]

Conceptual Maneuvers in the Dark

I sent a couple of mailings to Dale a while back regarding Wm. Blake’s Inn. For the record, here’s the gist: One was a photo which evoked a Blakean world for me, a background awash in a characteristic watercolor and a colorful costume choice, both from a design firm’s ad in Dance Magazine of all […]

What do you want of me?: Improvisation Suggestions

Let me try to lay out the structures for improvisation and then, afterwards, offer some variations and comments. For two performers: A and B are the participants. B’s constant objective is to question A with some form of: What do you want of me? A has the opportunity to make any demands of B he […]