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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Workshop, 1/24/07

[This article is cross-posted from Dale’s blog, with additional instructions for group members.] Wow o wow o wow! Tonight we had our first workshop for William Blake’s Inn. In attendance were Marc and Molly Honea, Carol Lee Shankel, Melissa Houghton, Laura Lambert, Brenda Weaver, and me. I brought everybody up to speed on what we […]

New website

Head over to and check it out. Let me know what needs to change: what we need to add, clean up, streamline, make clearer. This blog will be part of it, but I have to find the time to move it over there. Not as easy as it sounds, and I won’t bore you […]


Today I purchased the domain, so in about a week we will have our own website. It will consist of a front page, with articles and calendars, with two blogs: the group blog, and Marc’s theatre training blog. Something to look forward to, besides the start of the William Blake workshop. re: said workshop, […]

Exciting beginnings

Tonight, the octet who will sing through what is essentially the premiere performance of A Visit to William Blake’s Inn will meet at my house to nail down the entrances and exits of the music, plus the actual notes of “Blake Leads a Walk on the Milky Way.” This is exciting, folks. Tomorrow night, we […]