Work session, 9/23/09

present: Jeff B, Dale

Others were sick.

While Dale assembled the new rolling filing cabinet for Lacuna texts, files, books, and supplies, he and Jeff discussed getting the idea of a performance for NCTC this fall firmed up.

They decided that we can keep it very simple: “The Bear” as one half, and then 30-40 minutes of Neo-Futurist plays, about 15 or 20.

Dale suggested that we pick scripts from the Neo-Futurist book and choose some of those, both to perform and to study as models for our work. Hence, the performance would be a combination of the Neo-Futurists’ work and ours.

Jeff and Dale went through the book and tagged about a dozen scripts to begin working on.

Dale shared a new NF piece, one that is designed to alert the audience to the existence of the “Nude Performance” piece without actually, hopefully, having to perform it (although the option is there if the audience vociferously overrules “Summer’s” objections.)

NEXT: SEP 30, 6:30, NSOD

  • TEXTS: “The Bear”; Neo-Futurist scripts
  • PATHS: Vocal Sequence; other
  • HOMEWORK: write a Neo-Futurist piece