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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Work session: 1/28/09

present: Jeff B, Marc, Dale After a slow start, Dale read a spam email he had received, a lonely-hearts letter from a young Russian woman. It didn’t produce any sparks. Indeed, we really resisted working at all for a long time. Jeff read Dale’s “341 poem” while Marc perused some of Jeff’s Native American myth […]

Pig Pieces

JB asked about some things I’m putting together for Newnan School of Dance’s Spring Recital: soundscapes for a version of the Three Little Pigs. So I’ve rerecorded some as mp3s. Hope the playback works. Make sure your connection speed is at least 1mb/sec. And I’ve still had some stuttering playback problems, so I’ve had to […]

A performance

I rather like this:

Work session, 1/21/09

present: Marc, Dale, Jeff B Dale brought in his script, “We’re queer [pdf],” and Marc insisted that we read through it, as a stalling tactic to avoid the Vocal Sequence. But then we did begin looking at the entire Vocal sequence. Dale has printed out a cheat sheet [pdf] with all 20 parts and their […]

Work Session, 1/14/09

present: Marc, Dale, Jeff B, Barbara Shortish session tonight. Dale put up the poster version of Marc’s part-2 [rtf] that we had analyzed back in December and Marc chatted about what he saw. Then Marc started us off on a quick toss exercise using the Vocal Sequence as a basis. This lasted about 30 minutes, […]

Work Session, 1/7/09

present: Dale, Jeff B., Barbara, Jeff A. Dale unrolled the triple-poster printout of Marc’s part-2 text [rtf], only to find that instead of the version everyone worked on in the 12/17/08 session, it was a clean copy, and one that had not printed the right-hand third of the last poster. Perfect! We began with the […]