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Report: 9/3/08

Present: Dale, Marc, Greg, Dan, Jeff B. (Kevin was at a meeting.) The problem of the night: who was to play Coriolanus? We started by having everyone state the roles they would like to play; we wrote people’s initials next to the characters. It was a pretty even distribution, i.e., we all liked almost all […]

Report: 8/27/08

Present: Dale, Marc, Dan, Jeff B. The problem of the day was the final scene: what does it mean and how do we stage it? Dale wanted to start with Coriolanus’ death, the hard part. We futzed around a bit, and then Dale shared a moment he wanted to steal from another production the review […]

Report: 8/23

Present: Dale, Greg, Dan, Marc. The Problem of the Day: what to do about I.4-I.10, i.e., the War. On the one hand, we have stage directions like Enter the army of the Volsces and Alarum. The Romans are beat back to their trenches. On the other hand, we have eight men at the moment. What […]

Report: 8/20/08

Present: Dale, Greg, Dan, Jeff B, Kevin. (Marc @ previous engagement; Matthew working; Jeff A?) We began by reading through IV.6, the scene in which the smug Tribunes are aghast to learn that Coriolanus has joined forces with Aufidius and is marching against Rome. Dale isolated the bit where the Citizens come in, breathless with […]

Road trip?

Turff has suggested that perhaps a road trip to Nashville is in order. They certainly seem to have done all our PR work for us, if we’re willing to steal outright: Click on through to Coriolanus answering campaign questions. It’s pretty funny. I definitely think we need campaign buttons for publicity, though.

Report: 8/16/08

First work session. In attendance: Dale, Marc, Galen, Jeff B., Greg, Dan, Kevin. (Jeff A. and Matthew were both working.) Dale taped up a sheet and drew a floorplan of the Greenville St Park performance area. The raised brick platform is about 40 feet across and basically 9 feet deep. There are stairs SL, and […]

Agenda for 8/16/08

We’ve got our first four hours upon us this Saturday. What shall we do? Discuss.

The nitty-gritty

So now it’s down to the nitty-gritty. Questions to be answered, with some thoughts on answering them. Discuss. Performances When shall we do this? I’m thinking the last two Saturdays in October, the 18th and 25th. How about Sundays as well? Where shall we do this? The new city park is actually not a bad […]