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Monthly Archives: February 2010

King Lear, I.4

a hall in [Albany’s palace] Kent, in disguise Lear Oswald Fool Goneril Albany asst. attendants/lords/knights Discuss.

King Lear, I.3

a room in the Duke of Albany’s palace Goneril Oswald

King Lear, I.2

Gloucester’s castle Edmund Gloucester Edgar Discuss.

King Lear, I.1

throne room in Lear’s palace Kent Gloucester Edmund Lear Cornwall Albany Goneril Regan Cordelia France Burgundy You know the drill: read and discuss.

King Lear

I’ve finally started reading Lear for the first time. Yes, my top-notch Tennessee education never broached the subject, and until now, I had not seen fit to do so for myself. Since there is nothing else going on here, how about this: name a role you might like to play (doesn’t even have to be […]