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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Work session, 10/28/09

present: Dale Dale worked for 30 minutes, starting with some contact improv (only without the contact, naturally, since he was alone), and ending with some Vocal Sequence work on the phrase, “Let Merari praise the wisdom and power of the Lord with the Coney, who scoopeth the rock, and archeth in the sand.” Then he […]

Work session, 10/14/09

present: Jeff B., Dale Dale hotglued the rubber tips onto the staffs. Jeff read over Dale’s scripts from last week. We then pulled out the printout of Jubilate Agno [pdf] that Dale had brought and began playing with it. Jeff did a brilliant riff on “the box,” starting with text messages and a phone call […]

Why my waxing and waning: same old manifesto

Two supply priests exhibited the elements that interest me. One possessed a deeply resonant voice which he employed in a wonderfully archaic homiletic style. He was in his seventies so maybe not so archaic for him. You could imagine a Nineteenth-Century American declamatory style of oration (and acting) at it’s best. But most effective was […]