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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Work session, 4/29/09

present: Dale, Brady No one else showed up. It was a very unproductive night, even less than last week’s when Brady showed up and no one else did.

Work session, 4/15/09

present: Dale, Jeff B. We talked a long while, just getting caught up. Finally, we dug out Old Man Wind [doc] and Bear and Rabbit [pdf] to work on, as promised in whatever the last meeting was. We futzed our way through Old Man Wind, playing back and forth with the text for a while. […]

Work Session, 4/8

Here’s a template for creating imaginary accounts of meetings which did not take place: We began on time with everyone in attendance, though_____________came thirty minutes late, missing warm-ups, and______________left early in order to_______________. One stranger was in attendance; _______never identified _________-self. _____________led us through a warm-up of ____________, some back flips, ________________ with and without […]

Work session, 4/1/09

present: Jeff B, Dale, Marc (Barb was sick, Jeff A in performance) Dale had brought an excerpt from a new play, Moustache Guys, by Michael Lew. (note: apparently it’s a one act, so we might want to check it out.) We read through it, and found it quite delightful in a Pythonesque way. Dale had […]