Casting Director

Nothing else I’ve proposed has cost me my posting privileges. Let’s see if this idea will. Here is my proposal for this particular exchange:

1. Propose a casting choice. You may choose anyone you like to play any role you like. TV, film, and stage are all acceptable. Players may include folks in this group, famous folk of any sort, or perhaps someone none of us knows (this last may make part two of the assignment more involved).

2. Explain yourself. You may make the choice you do for any reason you like. Perhaps your casting will result in the best portrayal the character has ever realized. Perhaps you would like to see the interpretation they bring. Perhaps the choice would radically redefine not only the role but the play/movie/tv show entirely. Perhaps you the only purpose would be for you to savor the irony of the choice. Regardless of your reasoning, provide some insight to the rest of us regarding your motivation. As I mentioned above, if the rest of us don’t know the individual, you may have to work a bit harder at this part.

The Word is the Murder of the Thing: putting names to stuff we’re already doing

Two excerpts from the GHP Lab Manual. They might have a contribution to make. I don’t know HTML and so can’t fix font issues; maybe they work themselves out.

TOOLS: Making a move out of the frying pan: acts and in(ter)ventions

When the group is working in the Clearing, anything can happen. Define anything? What follows are suggestions for how one might begin to show something or to intervene in the work of others using a piece of text or through invention. These are terms to provoke thought and investigation. If a word does not lead you anywhere, the Oxford English Dictionary is an excellent help. Continue reading “The Word is the Murder of the Thing: putting names to stuff we’re already doing”

Monster Make-up blog

Max and Courtney are these two guys, see, and they got their hands on an old book, Dick Smith’s Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-Up, published in 1965, and they’re going through it and doing all the projects. It’s just too much fun!
You can follow their efforts at I myself have them in my Sage RSS feed so I can keep up with their progress.

Meeting, 5/11/06

[filed by Billy and Nan]

Kim and Michael, Craig and his son Michael, Billy, Nan and William, all met tonight at our house. We had an active session of truth-telling and some general discussion on what the group is doing and has done (nothing new here).

The floor is now open for discussion.

Playing in the Stream

In a recent e-mail I suggested that streams of comments often read like electric exchanges in a piece of dramatic poetry. This, I proferred, was a good thing. Such a good thing, I think, that I would like to take it a bit further: why not use our comment streams as opportunities to rehearse and work out material for our performance pieces? Continue reading “Playing in the Stream”