Work sessions, 6/23 & 6/30

6/23: Scott, Dale present

We worked on some of Edgar’s bits, especially II.3, where Edgar is on the lam. We played with the metaphor of Edgar shedding his clothes as he quickly sheds his identity and assumes that of Poor Tom. It works, of course, but there are limits to what we can pull off (pun intended) in our hometown. We decided that when we take the show to Edinburgh, we can rethink that concept.

We looked at ways to dissect Poor Tom’s ravings so that they a) make sense, and b) are easier to memorize.

6/30: Dale, Scott, Greg present

We played with IV.1, III.7, and I. 4, getting Greg in the mix with Gloucester, Cornwall, and Lear. We recapped some of the concepts we’ve been playing with and let Greg get acclimated.

We really need more people to start playing with. Dale decided to establish a Lacuna group on Facebook to help start advertising this opportunity for people.