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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Meeting, 4/26/06

We met in the basement of Nan and Billy Newman. (Thanks, Newmans!) After warmups, we dealt with some housekeeping:

Strange things from the past

Here’s an image:

Contact Improvisation Workshop

Attention adventurous performers, Saturday May 6, from 2 to 4, Newnan School of Dance will offer a workshop introducing Contact Improvisation to interested dancers and actors and citizens (and as of this writing, it’s free). Annette Tomassi will teach it. What is contact improvisation? It was invented in the late sixties by Steve Paxton […]

Telling the Truth: Mouth to Mouth

A memory from Marc. You can download this as a Word document or a PDF file. mouth to mouth a monologue Remember. Eyes closed. Eyes closed? Now then.

Comments on The Art of Telling the Truth

These are comments Marc made originally in response to the post on our first meeting. They are important for working on our assignment for the 4/28/06 meeting. On THE ART OF TELLING THE TRUTH. I want us to produce an evening (coffee house-ish, readings-ish) with the above ironic title and based on our work with […]

Meeting, 4/19/06

And so we met. We put two charts on the wall, one labeled NONTRADITIONAL and the other TRADITIONAL.

There’s room for all in Lacuna

The lacuna is what is missing (originally referring to a holein a manuscript). Those who churn out texts on our site create the possibility for a lacuna, but it is the silent hole in the midst of the babbling texts which is the lacuna. It takes both to make the lacuna, the text and the […]

Inaugural meeting I: Prep

Newnan School of Dance is located at 30-something Amlajack Boulevard. On Bullsboro, at the Starbuck’s intersection, you turn away from Starbuck’s. A half a mile or so on the right you will see a converted warehouse with a dancer stuck on it; you are pretty much across from the University of West Georgia “Newnan Campus” […]

Some axioms

Apparently (for I am no mathematician nor a historian of mathematics) there were two famous British mathematicians, G. F. Hardy and J. E. Littlewood, who famously collaborated on a lot of stuff that would have even Marc crying “Reader’s Digest!” Before they began their collaboration, which they did almost exclusively through written correspondence, they decided […]

Why we play…

I am not dramatically educated. As a matter of fact, I am practically the opposite. I spent seven of the best years of my life earning an undergraduate degree at Ma Tech. Just the same, I fornicating (can I say that) LOVE theater. I love attending it, I REALLY love DOING it. All that said, […]