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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Work session, 3/18/09

This post probably won’t go up until Saturday, since I’m heading to Valdosta today (Thursday) and I left my notebook at home. If we’d like to create the post in comments, feel free!

Work session, 3/11

present: Barbara, Jeff B., Marc, Dale, Edward We began with an intro to simple contact improv, i.e., hand-to-hand weight sharing. The idea is that the two people give and receive weight in a deliberate, fluid, and improvisatory manner. Marc and Barbara gave a reading of Jeff’s adaptation of Chekhov’s one act, “The Bear.” This is […]

Work session, 3/4/09

present: Jeff B., Barbara, Dale, Marc, and eventually Edward Dale brought and posted the Invocation he wrote a couple of years ago, imploring our patron saint, Edward D. Wood, to grant us delusion and/or success in our efforts. Marc plunged right in with the giraffe piece: reading/reacting to the text, chanting it, memorizing it, working […]