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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Workshop (2/27/07)

This has been cross-posted from Dale’s blog. Another amazing Tuesday Lacuna workshop. Tonight, it was me, Marc, and Melissa. I had mocked up the heads of two sunflowers in the Troupe and made some leaves, so we began by attaching elastic to our feet, then to the crossbars of the flowers. We stapled the leaves […]

Design Ideas

This happens every so often. I am captivated by a design concept and I have to note it ASAP. This is just a verbal description, right now. I’ll try to get some visual work onto vyew eventually What if any architectural elements of the Inn had a Georgian, Neo-Classical flavor? Part of Blake’s charm and […]

Workshop (2/20/07)

[This is cross-posted from Dale’s blog.] Another meeting of the workshop group tonight. In attendance were me, Marc, Galen, Molly, and Kevin McInturff. We started by discussing items we had found over the week. I had two new puppet books to show. Marc had brought in some architecture books (one of Georgian period architecture, over […]

Ideas over at Dale’s blog

As part of my 365 project, I posted about some images I found in a book which I thought could be instructive/useful for William Blake. You can read that here. I also put them into our Vyew workspace (#067760), which is a great way for you to see what we’ve been doing and to add […]

Workshop (2/13/07)

Laura and I had a fun and productive meeting. Laura began by demonstrating some ideas for sunflower choreography and then sketched out a possible staging for “Two Sunflowers” involving an upstage raised area for young sunflowers, a middle area containing dancers, and the singers farther downstage. We played a bit with the presence of windows […]

Workshop (2/6/07)

[This is cross-posted from Dale’s blog.] Another good night at workshop. Tonight we brought in our visuals for Man in the Marmalade Hat and Two Sunflowers. Laura had the two sunflowers on a blue sky/carpet with the traveling troupe behind them, and in front, an angel pulling turtles on wheels. (The last one was facing […]

T-shirts and coffee mugs

Anyone want Lacuna t-shirts/sweatshirts/coffee mugs? I can make those available, if anyone is interested. To see what I mean, check out my other offerings for Masterworks, the Curriculum Liberation Front, and the Newnan Crossing 100 Book Club.

New concept

[This article is cross-posted from Dale’s blog.] I continue reading A Perfect Mess, and now it’s actually proving useful. [from A Perfect Mess, p. 168] University of Milan researcher Mario Benassi refers to spin-up-friendly companies as “modular” companies, and espouses three basic principles for them: growing in pieces instead of holistically; being as quick to […]

Workshop (1/31/07)

[This article is cross-posted from Dale’s blog.] First of all, we are probably going to move the workshops to Tuesday nights. Tonight’s workshop was as exciting as last week. Attending were Melissa, Laura, Carol Lee, and Dale. We shared our visuals for Sun & Moon Circus: Marc’s pajamaed Tiger looking at angels rolling the Sun […]