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Work session, 08/14/13

present: Dale, Jeff A, Jeff A, Marc Marc led off with his “anxieties” over specific aspects of performance.  Used the storm scene from Lear as an example: what creates the effect of the moment?  Placement in story/performer/other stuff Interest in developing a piece that takes the elements that contribute to the moment.  Also, what is […]

Lear, 3/17/10

present: Jeff B., Scott, Dale After our warmup, we started exploring Act I. Dale started with Kent’s I.4 opener, and we discussed ways in which a) Kent could “disguise” himself, and b) we could make sure the audience realized it was Kent to begin with. During one pass through the first part of the scene, […]

Lear, 3/3/10

present: Dale, Jeff B., Scott We warmed up via the Vocal Sequence. We read through Act I, switching off roles, although the role of Lear kept getting shoved onto Dale. Not a lot of discussion or in-depth exploration. We did start discovering the dark humor sown here and yond in the script. We’re doing this, […]

Work session, 10/28/09

present: Dale Dale worked for 30 minutes, starting with some contact improv (only without the contact, naturally, since he was alone), and ending with some Vocal Sequence work on the phrase, “Let Merari praise the wisdom and power of the Lord with the Coney, who scoopeth the rock, and archeth in the sand.” Then he […]

Work session, 10/14/09

present: Jeff B., Dale Dale hotglued the rubber tips onto the staffs. Jeff read over Dale’s scripts from last week. We then pulled out the printout of Jubilate Agno [pdf] that Dale had brought and began playing with it. Jeff did a brilliant riff on “the box,” starting with text messages and a phone call […]

Work session, 9/30/09

present: Marc, Dale, Jeff B, Summer We discussed the decision last week to structure a performance around “The Bear” and some Neo-Futurist style pieces. We’ve been invited to nail down a date by NCTC, and we’re going to ask for Saturday, November 14. An old NCTC company member, Barbara Petzen, will be in Atlanta that […]

Work session, 9/23/09

present: Jeff B, Dale Others were sick. While Dale assembled the new rolling filing cabinet for Lacuna texts, files, books, and supplies, he and Jeff discussed getting the idea of a performance for NCTC this fall firmed up. They decided that we can keep it very simple: “The Bear” as one half, and then 30-40 […]

Work session, 8/26/09

present: Jeff B, Brady, Dale, Summer Brady and Summer had their second readthrough of Jeff’s adaptation of Chekhov’s “The Bear.” This is a very very funny script. While they were working, Dale produced “Two-Hander #1,” a Neo-Futurist script for Jeff and himself. No nudity was involved. Afterwards, Dale went over the kinds of things we’ve […]

Work session, 8/12/09

present: Marc, Jeff B., Barbara, Dale Our first meeting since April, and in the Newnan School of Dance’s new studios! We have been asked to consider working with NSOD dancers to put together a performance for the next downtown Art Walk. We talked about material we could possibly put together in the five weeks before […]

Work session, 4/29/09

present: Dale, Brady No one else showed up. It was a very unproductive night, even less than last week’s when Brady showed up and no one else did.