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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Mad King

voice matters

King Lear, II.1

the Earl of Gloucester’s castle Edmund Curan Edgar Gloucester Cornwall Regan attendants Discuss.

Lear, 3/24/10

present: Dale, Jeff B., Scott, Jeff A. Spencer We started by looking at III.7, the “eye” scene. How does one tackle such a scene? As Jeff said, nothing any of us have done in theatre has been this depraved. And then, not to get too Monty Python about it, how the hell do you pull […]

Lear, 3/17/10

present: Jeff B., Scott, Dale After our warmup, we started exploring Act I. Dale started with Kent’s I.4 opener, and we discussed ways in which a) Kent could “disguise” himself, and b) we could make sure the audience realized it was Kent to begin with. During one pass through the first part of the scene, […]

King Lear, I.5

a court before [Albany’s palace] Lear Kent Fool Discuss.

Lear, 3/3/10

present: Dale, Jeff B., Scott We warmed up via the Vocal Sequence. We read through Act I, switching off roles, although the role of Lear kept getting shoved onto Dale. Not a lot of discussion or in-depth exploration. We did start discovering the dark humor sown here and yond in the script. We’re doing this, […]