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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Four Film Monuments

More time spent reading Rosenbaum’s The Shakespeare Wars. The book devotes many pages to surveying filmed Shakespeare. There is a Great Debate (surprise, surprise) in the contentious worlds of Shakespeare scholarship and criticism over the value of committing Shakespeare to film. Rosenbaum spends some time advancing his own view that seeing one or two legendary […]

Please Attach to Previous Post

Dear Reader, I know these posts take as much of a toll on you as they do on me. I need to be cleaning house, but composing the previous post got me to thinking and now I have to post a note if for no other reason than to scratch a sign that new thoughts […]

Dubious Undertakings

Here I am letting the site know what I’m up to. Thinking about a couple of pages. One will be a page on using and creating text (a script) in creative group collaboration. The other will be yet another quest for formulas to use in improvisation processes. I am a bit obsessed with this, I’m […]

The Shakespeare Wars

I’ve started reading The Shakespeare Wars by Ron Rosenbaum (Random House, 2006). I would call it a work of literary journalism exploring trends in Shakespeare textual scholarship and theatrical interpretation. Rosenbaum introduces us to his topic by describing how his life was profoundly changed by Peter Brook’s Royal Shakespeare Company staging of A Midsummer Night’s […]

Last Dance worth a look

I just watched a documentary called Last Dance, documenting Pilobolus Dance Theatre‘s collaboration with Maurice Sendak on a new piece for their repetoire. It’s available on Netflix and worth a look. Regardless of what you might come to think of the final piece, you can enjoy watching a bit of creative collaborative process. Pilobolus works […]