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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Work session, 2/18/09

present: Dale, Jeff B., Barbara, Kevin After some afternoon scrambling to meet some other day, some other time, we ended back at our usual time and place. We warmed up with the Vocal Sequence, using phrases from Anne Bradstreet’s “The Author to her book.” [doc] Then we explained what we were up to to Kevin, […]

Work session, 2/11/09

present: Marc, Jeff B, Barbara, Dale We spent almost the entire evening looking over Dale’s graphic display of material [pdf] and discussing it and adding to it. Across the top is a five-minute increment timeline. That’s for later use. Under that is a line across the width of the poster. It is labeled with the […]

Work session, 2/4/09

present: Dale, Marc, Jeff B, Barbara We warmed up with the Vocal Sequence, all independently. As agreed upon, we faded out and Marc took the center, beginning a Quick Pass exercise. After several passes, the action was back to Marc, and Dale joined him in the center, where they paired up to continue the Vocal […]