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Monthly Archives: March 2006

Don’t dream it, be-e it…some short performances around the question of how to stage the Rocky Horror (Picture) Show

You can do the script (which I’ve never read) and let it inspire your decisions. But how can you be free from the film version? How could you be free from the film if you decided to do The Sound of Music? RHPS is an interesting case since the fans tend to know every frame […]

An example of what I hope to get out of Lacuna

I’ve been asked to share an ensemble experience I had as it relates to Lacuna. In 1997, we were doing A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was the second time I had directed this play, and I wanted to try something very different. I had brainstormed with Marc some ideas about the play that I had, […]

There’s this script, see…

Go to the comments and list plays you think Lacuna could/should do. (See the post below for kinds of theatre events you’d like to see us do.)

So what we’re going to do is…

What are we going to perform? What kinds of things would it be possible to offer audiences? Go to the comments and list to your heart’s content. Make this list kinds of performances. See the post above for specific scripts you’d like to tackle.

Show, Recollect, Recapitulate

In an effort to clog the arteries with even more pretentious pablum, I thought I’d suggest a way to think about both this blog and our meetings. I want to tempt you to think of them both as sites for creative play and performance. At Governor’s Honors we have developed a rehearsal process for creating […]

On the seeming looseness of it all

To many of us, it may seem that we’re going down a fuzzy road to nowhere. What is all this “explore x” and “discuss y“? Why doesn’t someone just pick a play and let’s do it? We lucked up with Mame in pulling together a cast in which there were no weak links and everyone […]

Some organizational suggestions

Dear Fellow Company Members, There. That was easy. Say it and it’s so. Now we’re a company. I propose we meet and talk about how best to bestow our gifts on the Newnan-Coweta theatre scene. The only really insanely ambitious part of this would be the first meeting since it would be best for all […]

What I think this group should be and do

I think this group should be a collaborative study group: We should meet on a regular basis, with an agenda for each meeting that we’ve agreed on beforehand. This agenda might have a focus on a particular acting exercise, or scene work, or discussion, or improv, or acting style, or vocal work, or any combination […]

Our theme song

Craig Humphrey gifts us with the following: Lacuna Matata! What a wonderful ! Lacuna Matata! Ain’t no passingIt means for the rest of your days It’s our philosophy Lacuna Matata! Lacuna Matata? Yeah. It’s our ! What’s a ? Nothing. What’s with you? Those two words will solve all your .