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Monthly Archives: March 2007


Go check out and steal some ideas. Also here. And here.

Workshop (3/27/06)

[cross-posted from Dale’s blog] Forging ahead, Marc, Dale, Carol Lee, and Laura in attendance. Carol Lee has finished two sunflowers: They are quite magnificent. We began to see a lot of possibilities now for choreography. Dale suggested that we keep in mind the Silly Symphony cartoons, with their simple and repetitive patterns. They’re a lot […]

Workshop (3/20/07)

[cross-posted from Dale’s blog] Another productive evening: Marc, Dale, Carol Lee, Laura, and Melissa in attendance. Carol Lee brought in the latest approximation of the sunflower (no picture yet). More leaves, longer stem. Very nice. Much discussion of how to dye the elastic. Later, Carol Lee had several brain attacks on how to solve the […]

Workshop (3/13/07)

[cross-posted from Dale’s blog] Another workshop, another meeting of brilliant minds: Dale, Marc, Carol Lee, Melissa, Laura, and Mary Frances. We shared some homework each of us had done re: winter/spring images for the MMH’s banners. Marc had done some nice sketches of dead leaf/new leaf, snowflake/sun that were good. He had a fun pennant […]

Workshop (3/6/07)

[crossposted from Dale’s blog] Dale, Marc, Laura, Melissa, and Carol Lee in attendance. We were productive as usual, although in a different way this week. I brought my worries about the calendar to the table, and we hashed that out. Part of my worries has to do with not knowing whether we have a place […]