Dance for Musical Theatre

Due to a rising tide of interest and demand, Newnan School of Dance will be offering a new class: Dance for Musical Theatre.

The hour and a half class will be held weekly on Tuesday evenings, beginning at 7:30, starting this Tuesday, September 5. Rates will be reasonable (we have many interested high-schoolers) and info on that will be forthcoming.

The class will be conducted like a “dance class” in that it will begin with warm-ups, including barre work and floor work, but no previous dance experience is required. Then time will be devoted to various areas: general stage movement, dance in a variety of styles (jazz, modern, tap, some classical), singing and dancing, dance chorus, and perhaps some work on creating convincing choreography. Students will have the opportunity to request other topics of interest. The class will be led by a number of instructors at the School.

Wm. Blake & Money

Wm. Blake & Money: Do we want to enlist the collaboration of a designer as we explore? Funding, it seems, is going to influence how “visionary” our production is. And how clothed?

I haven’t looked at the material all summer, so I’m throwing out some wild card notions. A Robert Wilson-ish large scale “opera” approach is obviously one way to go, but I’m also continuing to be interested in the notion of a drawing room containing “characters” who take upon themselves the projections within the songs.

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