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Monthly Archives: July 2008

The nitty-gritty

So now it’s down to the nitty-gritty. Questions to be answered, with some thoughts on answering them. Discuss. Performances When shall we do this? I’m thinking the last two Saturdays in October, the 18th and 25th. How about Sundays as well? Where shall we do this? The new city park is actually not a bad […]

Coriolanus V.6

public place in Corioles Coriolanus Aufidius conspirators lords (V) attendant people

Coriolanus V.5

Another street in Rome Senator Volumnia Virgilia Valeria (young Martius?) Crowds

Coriolanus V.4

A street in Rome Menenius Sicinius Messengers

Coriolanus V.3

Before the tent of Coriolanus Coriolanus Aufidius Virgilia Volumnia Valeria young Martius [others] [attendants

Coriolanus V.2

The Volscian camp, before Rome First Watch Second Watch Menenius Coriolanus Aufidius

Coriolanus V.1

A public place in Rome Menenius Cominius Sicinius Brutus others

Coriolanus IV.7

A camp near Rome Aufidius Lieutenant

Coriolanus IV.6

A public place in Rome Sicinius Brutus Menenius Citizens an Aedile Messenger Cominius

Coriolanus IV.5

Within the house of Aufidius Three servingmen Coriolanus Aufidius