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Monthly Archives: January 2008

More Lichtenbergian Distractions: the outline game

The struggling, infighting, name calling, and outright legerdemain which is taking place right now on the official Lichtenbergian web site has me tired and somewhat frightened. As a break from a nasty fracas, I thought I’d offer here, in among peaceful–very quiet–lacunagroup hills, another distraction away from all the bickering. I was going to introduce […]

Lichtenbergian Activity: sharing bookmark lists

Not the embarrassing ones, mind you. Just the ones that bear witness to the diverse peaks and valleys of your wanderings and avoidings. You could even annotate them, time permitting. I will attempt to paste what I’ve copied in a Comment. I’m proposing this activity here because the official Lichtenbergian web site is besieged by […]

A little time to kill in Barnes & Noble, so I sit down with Swann’s Way…

This is the new translation by Lydia Davis. Says on the back cover she got a MacArthur Genius Grant. I had a French professor in college who told me French people don’t read Proust. It’s in what’s called a literary tense, he said. Probably the equivalent of my trying to converse casually but couching everything […]


We could actually do this, you know. I’m remembering John Russell Brown’s Free Shakespeare, in which he proposes that we do away with directors and designers and instead just cast some actors, send them their sides, have them memorize their lines, maybe let them meet on and off for a couple of weeks, and then […]

The George Lichtenberg Film Project

Here we discuss the George Lichtenberg Film Project.

No Dead Artists

In the midst of my daily reading, I noticed a link reading “Artists who died in 2007”. Given recent debates on the subject of art, I gleefully clicked away hoping to find more grist for the mill. Much to my dismay, a quick perusal revealed disclaiming language referring to the contents as “…the artists, entertainers […]