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  1. As long as we are giving George some of our “bad,” maybe odd is better, habits, here is one of mine.

    I keep a little notebook that I carry around with me all the time in order to jot down any idea that comes to me. Then at home a have several notebooks that are categories of things (stand-up material, plays, sitcom ideas, screenplay ideas, animation ideas). Then each particular project has its own spiral bound notebook. Periodically I have to go through my little notebook and put all the ideas where they go. Which means I essentially make myself write an idea down three times before I even begin to do anything with it.

    Very Lichtenbergian.

  2. If we wanted to, we could build quite a niche for ourselves in art history by doing this.

    Of course, someone would have to write some big thick postmodern novel about it all. Think Infinite Jest or House of Leaves.

  3. I’m wondering if I have enough grainy home movies for the History Channel to use in its documentary on the Lichtenbergians?

  4. So what we want to do, of course, is never actually put the lichtenbergian.org website up, but just talk about what we would put on it, or hint about it, here or on my blog or on any Lichtenbergian’s. We could even bury some of it on Marc’s part of this site. It becomes this giant, dare I say it?, lacuna in the group mythos.

  5. Notebooks and the Void:

    a misplaced notebook; thinking you remember writing down an idea in a notebook but unable to find it in any of them; missing the moment of your death due to writing in the notebook; running out of ideas because you require viable ideas to reoccur at least three times in three different notebooks–cow has three stomachs, etc; you discover that a new idea is actually an old idea which you have already used…more than once; you pat assorted pockets and realize you have several notebooks on your person–which to choose: paralysis; you have to record an idea in one of several notebooks on your person–which category, which notebook: paralysis; you try to solve the pocket notebook problem by leaving notebooks at various locations around house and workplace, etc; you designate a notebook as a dream notebook and place it at your bedside–it mocks you with its perpetual emptiness; you propose an innocent tryst with someone involving an exchange of notebooks over coffee: your life is ruined; you come across the notebook of a successful artist and cope with the trauma by convincing yourself it’s really your notebook; you come across the notebook of a successful artist–what’s crossed-out in that one has been starred in yours; notebooks? what good are notebooks?; anticipating life is about to offer a moment you will want to record in a notebook: what should you say and is it worth writing down and why don’t you have your notebook?; what did she just say?; deciding a pocket recorder puts you more in touch with the findings of recent neuroscience: same old shit gets recorded, though; jotting in notebooks becomes a lifestyle thing–Oprah does a show on it

    The non-existent web site does have a certain appeal.

    When we want to play out scenes involving George’s wife or some other weighted “female” presence, we pull some woman out of the audience and give her a line or two which she can repeat over and over for every situation.

  6. make her happy you are man size: lichtenbergian.org

    (makes sense to include non-existent site in Promise of Enormity…)

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