Responding to the Diaspora of the Mame Kids and the scatterings of sympathetic others

There might be a way to use this lacunagroup blog other than just sitting shiva for the International William Blake’s Inn Event.

Since we’re all out there dabbling in this and that, making names for ourselves, cementing reputations and the like, let’s use this blog as a way to check in with one another and discuss our various ongoing creative performance experiences, those occuring out and about on the cultural landscape and those taking place in our inner theatre spaces. Performance is a unique method of thinking in addition to everything else you can say about it, and the discoveries we make when engaged in this kind of thinking can be quite compelling and interesting. Our adventures will be amusing and encouraging, and our frustrations might be lessened if shared. And let that be the last painfully earnest and boring thing I say. Do you want to try this with this post’s comments section? Some sharing will require anonymity, I realize, and some facts and personages will require disguise. More creative opportunities!