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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Coriolanus III.3

The Roman Forum Sicinius Brutus Aedile Coriolanus Menenius Cominius Senators People

Coriolanus III.2

The house of Coriolanus Coriolanus Nobles, Senators Volumnia Menenius Cominius

The Art of Being Off-Task

“As a performer, are you not perpetually caught between your aim and intention to connect with an audience and that question of the audience’s willingness to accept you and your presence? An audience’s want is rooted in some aspect of your being over which, no matter your skill and conscious charm, you have no control. Or to put it in very universal human terms: “Why is it that I cannot make that which I love love me in return?” We want the Other to see us as lovable, but we cannot control, ultimately, what the Other sees. And we are hard pressed to accept any measure of truth in what the Other sees unless we have somehow managed to create and control it. The knowledge that lies in the Other: we don’t want to know anything about it…”

Coriolanus III.1

A Roman street Coriolanus Lartius Cominius Menenius Sicinius Brutus Senators Aedile Rabble

Coriolanus II.3

The Roman Forum 7 random citizens Coriolanus Menenius Brutus Sicinius

Coriolanus: II.2

The Roman senate house in the Capitol. two officers parade of officials Menenius Senator Sicinius Brutus Cominius Coriolanus

Coriolanus: II.1

A public place in Rome. Menenius Sicinius (tribune) Brutus (tribune) Volumnia Virgilia Valeria Cominius Lartius Coriolanus herald soldiers (R

Coriolanus I.10

The camp of the Volsces. Aufidius Soldiers (V)

Coriolanus I.9

On the field Cominius Coriolanu Lartius Soldiers (R)

Coriolanus I.8

Near the Roman camp Coriolanus Aufidius soldiers (V)