Lear, 3/3/10

present: Dale, Jeff B., Scott

We warmed up via the Vocal Sequence.

We read through Act I, switching off roles, although the role of Lear kept getting shoved onto Dale. Not a lot of discussion or in-depth exploration. We did start discovering the dark humor sown here and yond in the script.

We’re doing this, folks. Get your schedules prepped for Wednesday nights.

4 thoughts on “Lear, 3/3/10

  1. Please come, or else it will be the Dale, Jeff, and Scott show. And no one wants that!

  2. They may want the NUDE part of the show. But jeff you are right we need more folks…please!!!

  3. I’m in once I return to Newnan. The timing of that is uncertain at the moment, however. It would help if I could start learning lines…

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