Report: Performances in the park

After one last runthrough on Saturday morning, we hammered our way through it at 3:00 pm before a crowd of about 30. Although the final scene was dicey, we finally made it through the whole show without stopping.

Again on Sunday, much more relaxed this time, we performed before a crowd of 30-40.

As usual with these kinds of things, there were high points for each performance as well as low points. Meh, it’s live theatre.

Post mortem in comments, and we need to begin discussion of how we’re going to adapt this roving production to a proscenium space.

12 thoughts on “Report: Performances in the park

  1. As we’ve stated in emails, I think we actually kicked ass. For something that Jeff B correctly described at the party as “a lark,” I think we hit the main themes of the show well. I think our characterizations were firm–and getting firmer every time we went through the show.

    Both Ginny and Jobie said that the book-in-hand thing was irrelevant; it was not distracting in the least. That was a relief (and not unexpected), but I felt that the occasional dead stop to find the next line was something we could work on. Fluidity is one of my bête noirs.

  2. I also thought the park setting was fabulous, and I’m very glad we ended up using the whole space. I’m having a hard time stuffing the show back into a proscenium in my head.

  3. Radiation treatment might reduce the size of that proscenium.

    What’s with the new appearance of out site?

  4. Is this not the layout we’ve been using? There was an issue when I upgraded; I may have picked the wrong template.

  5. Hm. At 8:47, I don’t think this is the one either. I wonder if I had uploaded a theme directly to the server without copying it to the folder on my laptop. I might have copied over the folder on the server and wiped out the theme we were using. I wonder what it might have been.

  6. Fixed it. There were two “veryplaintxt” files, and the new, improved one went missing. I’ve downloaded the most recent version, and we’re back in business.

  7. I think those are “gravatars,” a cutesie thing built into recent versions of WordPress. I think one is supposed to attach a photo or graphic to one’s self. Let me see if I can figure it out.

  8. Uh-Oh A Honea (possibly 2?) has been caught skipping school!!! hmmm … What are today’s parents teaching their children these days?

  9. He got suspended today for skipping a class a couple of days ago. So he had to help me hand out candy downtown.

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